• Directional Coupler Feb , 05 2024
    A directional coupler is a general-purpose microwave/millimeter-wave component, an RF passive device commonly used in RF circuit design as a power distribution element with directionality.  It is a four-port element that is usually formed by combining two sections of transmission line called the straight-through line (primary line) and the coupled line (secondary line). Straight through the l...

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  • Chinese new year-2024 Dragon year Feb , 04 2024
    We will have our 2024 Chinese new year soon, Dragon year.  Holiday from 8th to 19th. Feb.  2024.  Wish new year , bring all of your happiness, health, prosperity! Connect each other with wireless .  Let talk about wireless solutions in new year,  focus on rf power divider, directional coupler, hybrid coupler, attenuator,combiner, filter, antenna, connector etc. 

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  • The Power of Radio Frequency Microwaves: A Brief Guide Feb , 02 2024
    Radio frequency microwaves (RF microwaves) have revolutionized communication and various industries. This guide provides a simplified understanding of RF microwaves, their applications, and their impact on society. RF microwaves are electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths between 1 millimeter and 1 meter. They are widely used for wireless communication, scientific research, radar systems, and i...
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  • What is a TX RX Multicoupler? Jan , 26 2024
    A TX RX Multicoupler is a device used to couple the transmitter and receiver to an antenna. It transmit signals with high port-to-port isolation. A typical multicoupler consists of filters/duplexers, a Low Noise Amplifier and a power divider. It is an important part of a telecommunication system. When multiple receivers or transmitters or radio stations share an antenna, in order to avoi...

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  • Coaxial Isolator&Circulator Jan , 12 2024
    A coaxial isolator, also known as a coaxial circulator, is an electronic device used in communication systems to isolate signals and prevent interference. It is commonly used in RF (radio frequency) and microwave systems to protect sensitive equipment from reflected power and maintain signal integrity. The basic structure of a coaxial isolator consists of three ports: input, output, and isolation....

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  • What is 2T2R omni antenna Jan , 05 2024
    A 2T2R omni antenna is a type of antenna commonly used in wireless communication systems, especially in Wi-Fi networks. The abbreviation "2T2R" stands for "2 Transmit/2 Receive," which means that the antenna has two transmitting and two receiving elements. The term "omni" refers to its omnidirectional characteristic, meaning it can send and receive signals in multiple directions, providing coverag...
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  • 2024 Dragon Year Is Coming Dec , 28 2023
    Dear Customers, 2023 is close to the end.The New Year-2024 is coming soon.We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for doing business with us and to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Once you have any inquiry about RF passive components such as power splitter,directional coupler,dummy load,attenuator,tapper,rf combiner,rf filter etc,in the following days, hop...
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  • Main applications of RF circulators Dec , 23 2023
    RF circulators are used in a variety of RF circuit design applications. Typically they tend to be used at microwave frequencies, hence they are often referred to as microwave circulators. RF circulators are used as duplexers in many RF applications to allow for simultaneous transmit and receive functions, and they are used in a wide range of RF design applications, including radar systems and a va...
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  • RF Hybrid combiner Dec , 18 2023
    Introducing the Unleash the Power of Seamless Telecommunication In the fast-paced world of telecommunication, connecting seamlessly is the key to success. Revolutionizing the industry, we proudly present the Hybrid Combiner – a sophisticated solution designed to elevate your communication experience to new heig...
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