• RF passive components to Turkey Apr , 24 2021
    One of our Turkey customer ordered 400pcs 4 in 4 out hybrid coupler, 2000pcs 2 way power splitter, 1000pcs 4 way power splitter. 800pcs directional couplers , and also rf coax connectors, 2 and half weeks ago. Today, all pacakge are shipped out from our factory. this shipment will via ocean, because recenetly air freight cost increase much.  In order to save customer shipping cost, after the ...
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  • Public Safety Solution Apr , 12 2021
    Maniron manufactures many kind of passive components for Public Safety Solution.Like Wilkinson Power Divider,Directional Coupler,Hybrid Coupler,Tapper,in the freq range of138-960MHz as well as700MHz Filter,800MHz Filter,900MHz filterand combiners. In fact,Public safety freq coversVHF band, 220MHz band, UHF, T-Band, 700 MHz narrowband, 700 MHz broadband, 800 MHz band, 4.9 GHz, and 5.9 GHz bands, as...
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  • BASE STATION antenna-sector antenna Mar , 20 2021
    As known that inbuilding solution wireless coverage will use omni ceiling antenna, directional coupler, 3dB hybrid coupler, power divider splitter and panel directional antenna.  and where is this original signal from?  There the base station comes, and one kind antenna is used very frequencly at base station.  In the engineering design of mobile communication network, the base stat...
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    Power splitter, also widely known as Power Divider, is a device that divides a radio frequency microwave input signal into any number of output signals and while doing so, it maintains the characteristic impedance of the input. They are widely used in labs, radar and communication systems and test instrumentation etc. They are categorized broadly into two- Resistive and Reactive. Resistive Power S...
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  • Coverage vs Capacity Jan , 23 2021
    Coverage vs Capacity To be able to compare the different technologies, we  need to review the two main performance reasons that DAS solutions are deployed: to provide coverage and capacity. Some locations experience significantly more cellular data usage than others. Think of a sports stadium hosting the Super Bowl, or a large music venue hosting Justin Timberlake. If the venue relied on a ne...
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  • Radio and Television anti-5G interference solution Dec , 15 2020
    Radio and Television anti-5G interference solution The 3-5G of 5G will cause serious interference to the reception of c-band (mainly 3.7-4.2g) broadcast and TV satellites.According to the equipment composition of the satellite receiving system, the equipment used at the present stage (common C band LNB operating band 3400MHz -- 4200MHz) and the frequency range used by 5G base station (3400MHz -- 3...
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  • What is Hybrid DAS? Dec , 12 2020
    A hybrid DAS A hybrid DAS combines characteristics of passive parts(including RF antenna, directional coupler, power divider,hybrid coupler)and active systems. The RRUs are separate from the antennas, allowing the system to use both fiber optic cable a configuration includes an RRU on each floor that converts from the digital signal to analog RF. The analog RF signal is then connected to multiple ...
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  • Distributed antenna system Nov , 26 2020
    A distributed antenna system, or DAS, is a network of spatially separated antenna nodes connected to a common source via a transport medium that provides wireless service within a geographic area or structure.DAS antenna elevations are generally at or below the clutter level, and node installations are compact. Adistributed antennasystem may be deployed indoors (an iDAS) or outdoors (an ...
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  • Low PIM 5G RF Directional Coupler Nov , 13 2020
    1.2 Appearance of accessories Low PIM 5G RF Directional Coupler Figure 2 The coupler is distributed in the indoor system 1.4 Main application of directional coupler 1. Signal injection 2. Adjustment of signal generator; 3. Monitoring of power flow; 4. Measure incident power and reflected power to determine standing wave ratio; 5. Signal sampling; directional coupler (derives the downlink sign...
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