• The difference between duplexer and combiner Jul , 08 2024
    1. Different uses: A. Duplexers are generally used at the output and input ends of equipment to isolate signals of different frequency bands. For example: uplink and downlink signals of mobile communications. B. Combiners are generally used for power synthesis in hardware circuits. For example: to get a 40dbm signal, two power amplifiers with an output power of 20dbm can be used for combining. 2. ...
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  • Resolving Directional Antennas Jul , 06 2024
    In reality, all types of RF antennas have some degree of directionality. However, there are certain antenna designs and types that are particularly directional compared to other antenna types. A Directional Antenna is useful in applications where it is desirable to receive a signal from a specific direction of origin or otherwise transmit a signal in a specific direction. The directivity of an ant...
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  • What is an indoor distribution system Jul , 01 2024
    Indoor distribution system is a solution to improve the mobile communication environment in buildings for indoor users. Indoor distribution system makes use of indoor antenna to distribute the signal evenly in every corner of the room, so as to ensure that the indoor area has an ideal signal coverage. Why build an indoor distribution system? With the rapid growth of mobile users in cities and the ...
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  • Maniron Exhibitor 14-16 MAY 2024 | DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTRE, DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES May , 14 2024
    Maniron is participating at CCW in Dubai these three days.. It's a nice show for Maniron.We will meet a lot of old friends and make more new friends who from all over the world. Maniron brought many new styles and heated 5G rf products.Frequency from VHF up to 6000MHz.Like power splitter,directional coupler,antennas,jumpers,isolators,connectors,etc It is the ideal event for us to engage with ...
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  • What is a repeater and what does it do? May , 08 2024
    Repeater (RP repeater) is a connecting device working on the physical layer. It is suitable for interconnecting two identical networks, and its main function is to extend the network transmission distance by retransmitting or forwarding data signals. Repeaters are network devices that regenerate and restore signals: physical layer devices of the OSI model. In the field of communications, a repeate...
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  • Definition of VSWR Apr , 26 2024
    Standing Wave Ratio is called Voltage Standing Wave Ratio, also known as VSWR and SWR, which is the abbreviation of English Voltage Standing Wave Ratio. In the incident wave and the reflected wave phase of the same place, the voltage amplitude is added to the maximum voltage amplitude Vmax, the formation of the wave belly; in the incident wave and the reflected wave phase of the opposite place the...

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  • Diplexer and duplexer Apr , 20 2024
    Regarding RF passive componenst, we always use duplexer and diplexer, which maybe confused. what is the difference between duplexer and diplexer? RF Diplexers are 3-port RF devices, which allow the use of two signal paths on the same transmission line (such as an antenna). This is achieved through filters that separate the frequencies of interest, allowing signals at two different freque...
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  • Hybrid Coupler Combiner Apr , 11 2024
    In the world of communication tech, some components play crucial but often unnoticed roles. One such component is the hybrid coupler combiner. So, what is a hybrid combiner, and how does it help in communication systems? A hybrid coupler combiner is a passive device used in RF and microwave systems to combine or divide power. It works on waveguide theory, using transmission lines and couplers. It ...
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  • What is a TX RX Multicoupler? Apr , 07 2024
    What is a TX RX Multicoupler? A TX RX Multicoupler is a device used to couple the transmitter and receiver to an antenna. It transmit signals with high port-to-port isolation. A typical multicoupler consists of filters/duplexers, a Low Noise Amplifier and a power divider. It is an important part of a telecommunication system. When multiple receivers or transmitters or radio stations shar...

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