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Maniron company is a leading RF components manufacturer.We have a vairety of products ,such as Power Splitter/Divider,Directional Coupler,Hybrid Coupler,RF Combiner/Duplexer,RF Filter,RF Dummy Loads etc.
  • Lightning Arrestor
    Lightning Arrestor
    Designed for antenna coaxial device and receive/transmit system not to be spoiled by lightning over-voltage, induced over-voltage and static discharge.
  • Power Splitter
    Power Splitter
    Power Splitter or Power Divider, is a energy all the way to the input signal is divided into two or more road is equal or unequal Power output device.
  • Directional Coupler
    Directional Coupler
    Directional Coupler is a kind of power splitter, which divides power inequality into two ways.
  • RF Isolator and Circulator
    RF Isolator and Circulator
    Rf isolator is a one-way electromagnetic wave transmission device, when the electromagnetic wave is strictly transmitted, the power can be fed to the load, the reflected wave from the load generated a greater attenuation, this one-way transmission characteristics can be used to isolate the impact of load changes on the signal source
  • Hybrid Coupler
    Hybrid Coupler
    Hybrid coupler is a four-port device whose function is to distribute power fed in from one port equally to the other two ports without transferring power to the fourth port
  • Connector Adapter
    Connector Adapter
    A radio frequency coaxial connector (hereinafter referred to as an RF connector) is generally regarded as a component that is attached to a cable or installed on an instrument, and serves as an electrical connection or separation component for a transmission line. It belongs to mechatronics products. Simply put, it mainly serves as a bridge
  • RF Combiner
    RF Combiner
    The main function of the combiner is to combine the input multi-band signals together and output the same set of indoor distribution system
  • RF Filter
    RF Filter
    The Filter is a filter circuit composed of capacitive inductance and resistance. The filter can filter the specific frequency in the power line or the frequency other than the frequency effectively to get a specific frequency power signal, or eliminate a specific frequency power signal
  • RF Antenna
    RF Antenna
    RF Antenna is a device which radiates or receives electromagnetic waves from space in a transceiver system.
  • RF Dummy Load
    RF Dummy Load
    RF Dummy Load is a component or device that receives electrical power in a circuit (such as an amplifier) or at an electrical output port instead of a terminal
  • RF Attenuator
    RF Attenuator
    DAS RF Attenuator adjusts the size of the signal in the circuit and Improve impedance matching
  • Critical Communication Coverage System
    Critical Communication Coverage System
    This Critical Comunication Coverage System include all our 400MHz product,with low VSWR,low PIM,with high quality and good look,i believe they will be attract to you,and same time we'd like to being your loyal supporter,come and join us!
  • Repeater
    In telecommunications, a repeater is an electronic device that receives a signal and retransmits it. Repeaters are used to extend transmissions so that the signal can cover longer distances or be received on the other side of an obstruction
about us
about us
Hefei Maniron Electronic and Technology Co., Ltd.
Hefei Maniron Electronic and Technology Co., Ltd.(established in 2002) is a leading manufacture of RF Passive Components,which collects together research and development(R&D), production and sale. Maniron is established in 2002.located in Hefei National Hi-tech Industry Development Zone. Our company has participated in the research and development and production of 2G, 3G, 4G and other communication equipment and components, as well as the current 5G high-frequency microwave equipment and components, and more than half of the products have achieved batch production. During these 15 years,Maniron still insists the concept “Grasp technology innovation and expand market customers” and “Quality as the foundation, innovation for development”.We also did it. Maniron develops rapidly and makes great achievements.Our products sells well all over the wolrd.We keep close business relationship with main telecom operators all over the world. Maniron expands the plant area to 4000m³,the sixth floor will be used for R&D and office in 2017; We successfully accomplished acquisition of Haike Industry Trade Company,which covers an area of 21 mu,with a total area of 14000m³. Maniron has professional team and various equipments for producing.Strong R&D ability allows us to meet customer’s variety of requirements.We has passed the ISO9001quality managerment system and we have obtained more than 200 patents.
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Hot Products
Maniron products are very popular all over the world. Hot products are Power Splitter, Directional Coupler, RF Combiner, RF Filter, Hybrid Coupler etc.All products can be customized according to customer's requirement.
698-3800MHz low PIM 100W RF Attenuator
698-3800MHz low PIM 100W RF Attenuator with 4310 connector
698-3800MHz 100W low PIM RF Attenuator is Low Attenuation Accuracy and Widely used in IBS &DAS
DC-3GHz 5W Load DIN Male RF Termination
5W RF Load 3G DIN Male Termination Load
DC-3GHz DIN Male RF Termination Load is in low VSWR
Low PIM 50W RF Cavity Filter
Low PIM customized 50W RF Cavity Filter with N Connectors
50W RF Cavity Filter is Suitable for the indoor or Outdoor coverage system of cellular mobile communication
DC-3GHz 100W 6dB RF Attenuator
DC-3GHz 100W 6dB RF Attenuator With 4.3-10 Connector Type
DC-3GHz 100W RF Attenuator is Low Attenuation Accuracy and Widely used in IBS &DAS
Solutions & Projects
Maniron designs products for the public safety, heavy transport, utility, critical commnunication,base station application.
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Latest News
Headquarters of Maniron Electronic is located at hi-tech developing district in Hefei Anhui,China.Includes two factories.
Contract Signed Successfully
23 July.2021
Contract Signed Successfully
On 20th July  , we signed a contract with our client successfully . We supported our client directly winning the tender from their Operator .  This tender includes 4 years' RF passive components purchasing in the future .   The components includes Combiners, Power split...
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09 Jul.2021
Today is the delivery day for a customer.Thank you for your trust and long-term cooperation. It has been more than two years since we started our cooperation with the first order, during which we have cooperated many times.We are very glad that the customer is very satisfied with our products and th...
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New Company,New Start
26 Jun.2021
New Company,New Start
Maniron Acquired Haike Industry Company in 2019.Nowadays,we are moving to the new area for working. Every workers are putting their efforts into moving.Lots of goods are carrying by ourselves.The new production line will be prepared well soon. There is good environment in our new working office.Let ...
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Best Selling RF passive components
05 Jun.2021
Best Selling RF passive components
We Maniron have been supplying the wide band frequency up to 3800MHz, 6GHz RF passive components to our clients. And our products are of good fame in their practical application .  4*4 , 3*3 ,2*2 hybrid couplers, power splitters, antennas ... We keep devoting to provide high quality products wi...
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Thanks for new valued customer's order
18 May.2021
Thanks for new valued customer's order
This is a new customer of ours. It is the customer's first order after the sample supply. We got in touch with this customer in March, and the customer said he needed samples.We actively cooperate with customers to provide him with high quality samples and we sent the sample as soon as possible.We a...
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Happy shipment day today
16 Apr.2021
Happy shipment day today
Thanks for my lovely colleagues support . Today I delivered the RF power splitter, directionla coupler , hybrid combiners, combiners, filters my Russian clients ordered . These products will be directly used  in local operator MTS, Vimpelcom and Tele2 projects. Hope they can receive t...
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A corner of production line
01 Apr.2021
A corner of production line
Maniron company has been around for more than 18 years, and the company has trained many technicians.Most technicians are trained internally.We now have more than 30 technicians , thus ensuring our faster delivery time. The girl has been in this position for more than 4 years.She gradually developed...
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What is the future development of video advertising: 5G, Omni-channel, Security is the key Point!
27 Mar.2021
What is the future development of video advertising: 5G, Omni-channel, Security is the key Point!
Joshua Oshu Kwon, chief strategy officer at South Korea-based lock-screen media platform Buzzvil, identifies four new trends for the future of video advertising as below:   1. 5G will boost video advertising   5G could indeed speed up the functioning of advertising technology sys...
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