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Maniron company is a leading RF components manufacturer.We have a vairety of products ,such as Power Splitter/Divider,Directional Coupler,Hybrid Coupler,RF Combiner/Duplexer,RF Filter,RF Dummy Loads etc.
  • RF Filter
    RF Filter
    The Filter is a filter circuit composed of capacitive inductance and resistance. The filter can filter the specific frequency in the power line or the frequency other than the frequency effectively to get a specific frequency power signal, or eliminate a specific frequency power signal
  • Power Splitter
    Power Splitter
    Power Splitter or Power Divider, is a energy all the way to the input signal is divided into two or more road is equal or unequal Power output device.
  • Directional Coupler
    Directional Coupler
    Directional Coupler is a kind of power splitter, which divides power inequality into two ways.An essential feature of directional couplers is that they only couple power flowing in one direction. Power entering the output port is coupled to the isolated port but not to the coupled port. A directional coupler designed to split power equally between two ports is called a hybrid coupler.
  • Hybrid Coupler
    Hybrid Coupler
    2x2 Hybrid coupler is a four-port device whose function is to distribute power fed in from one port equally to the other ports without transferring power to the fourth port
  • Connector Adapter
    Connector Adapter
    A radio frequency coaxial connector (hereinafter referred to as an RF connector) is generally regarded as a component that is attached to a cable or installed on an instrument, and serves as an electrical connection or separation component for a transmission line. It belongs to mechatronics products. Simply put, it mainly serves as a bridge
  • RF Combiner
    RF Combiner
    The main function of the combiner is to combine the input multi-band signals together and output the same set of indoor distribution system
  • RF Antenna
    RF Antenna
    RF Antenna is a device which radiates or receives electromagnetic waves from space in a transceiver system.An antenna is a specialized transducer that converts radio-frequency (RF) fields into alternating current (AC) or vice-versa. There are two basic types: the receiving antenna, which intercepts RF energy and delivers AC to electronic equipment, and the transmitting antenna, which is fed with AC from electronic equipment and generates an RF field.
  • RF Dummy Load
    RF Dummy Load
    RF Dummy Load is a component or device that receives electrical power in a circuit (such as an amplifier) or at an electrical output port instead of a terminal
  • RF Attenuator
    RF Attenuator
    DAS RF Attenuator adjusts the size of the signal in the circuit and Improve impedance matching
about us
about us
Hefei Maniron Electronic and Technology Co., Ltd.
Hefei Maniron Electronic and Technology Co., Ltd.(established in 2002) is a leading manufacture of RF Passive Components,which collects together research and development(R&D), production and sale. Maniron is established in 2002.located in Hefei National Hi-tech Industry Development Zone. Our company has participated in the research and development and production of 2G, 3G, 4G and other communication equipment and components, as well as the current 5G high-frequency microwave equipment and components, and more than half of the products have achieved batch production. During these 15 years,Maniron still insists the concept “Grasp technology innovation and expand market customers” and “Quality as the foundation, innovation for development”.We also did it. Maniron develops rapidly and makes great achievements.Our products sells well all over the wolrd.We keep close business relationship with main telecom operators all over the world. Maniron expands the plant area to 4000m³,the sixth floor will be used for R&D and office in 2017; We successfully accomplished acquisition of Haike Industry Trade Company,which covers an area of 21 mu,with a total area of 14000m³. Maniron has professional team and various equipments for producing.Strong R&D ability allows us to meet customer’s variety of requirements.We has passed the ISO9001quality managerment system and we have obtained more than 200 patents.
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Hot Products
Maniron products are very popular all over the world. Hot products are Power Splitter, Directional Coupler, RF Combiner, RF Filter, Hybrid Coupler etc.All products can be customized according to customer's requirement.
698-3800MHz low PIM 200W RF Attenuator
698-3800MHz low PIM 200W RF Attenuator with high power
698-3800MHz 200W RF Attenuator is high power and widely used in IBS &DAS.
DC-3GHz RF Load Termination
100W RF Termination Load DC-3Ghz Load with N 4.3-10 DIN Connector
DC-3GHz 100W Load is widely used for IBS DAS
Low PIM 6G 2/3/4Way Wilkinson Divider
600-6000MHz Wilkinson Power Divider Splitter-160dBc with 4310 F connectors
600-6000MHz Low PIM 6G 2/3/4Way Wilkinson/Microstrip Power Splitter/Divider with 4310-F,it is low insertion loss,low VSWR,Low PIM value
863 to 867mhz high rejection cavity bandpass filter
863 to 867MHz Low Insertion High Rejection RF Cavity Filter
100W RF Bandpass with frequency 863-867MHz.Filter is small in size, light in weight, excellent in performance and reliable in reliability.
600-6000MHz directional coupler
-160dBc 600-6000MHz directional coupler 6--30dB 4.3-10 type
600-6000MHz directional coupler for IBS BTS DAS ,5dB/6dB/10dB/13dB/15dB/20dB/30dB Low VSWR, Low Insertion loss, Low PIM
Low PIM wilkinson power splitter
Power Splitter (Wilkinson Model, 600-6000MHz, 50W, IP67, -161dBc)
◆ Wide Frequency Band 600-6000MHz ◆ Tetra/2G/3G/4G/LTE/5G Coverage ◆ Low Passive Intermodulation ◆ Low VSWR & Insertion Loss ◆ Indoor & Outdoor Application IP67 ◆ Widely used for In-building Solutions
Low PIM -153dBc SISO Omni Antenna for communications
RF 698-3800MHz High Gain Slim Omni Ceiling Antenna
698-3800MHz Low PIM -153dBc Slim Indoor Omni Antenna
758-775MHz High Rejection RF Filter
RF 700MHz 758-775MHz Upper C Band Rejection Filter
The Filter with Frequency 758 to 775 MHz, Insertion Loss 4.5 dB, Rejection 85 dB, Power 50 W, with N-Female Connector
 6Way Wilkinson Power Divider
0.6-6GHz 6Way Wilkinson Power Divider with SMA Connector
0.6-6G,30W Power Handling Power Dividers are world renowned for their high-quality, robust construction and conservative power ratings
4in4out Hybrid Coupler
0.6-6GHz 4in 4out RF Hybrid Combiner Coupler 4310 F -161dBc
Multi Network Combiner,600-6000MHz,4.3-10 type 4In 4Out -161dB IM Test, Features: Wide Frequency Range. Excellent Coupling Flatness. High Directivity / Isolation,Cavity structure, High power handing Low Insertion Loss.This new type is now for the north American Market
Latest News
Headquarters of Maniron Electronic is located at hi-tech developing district in Hefei Anhui,China.Includes two factories.
30 Mar.2024
A look at the evolution of communications networks shows that higher performance and lower costs are two key drivers. In response to a question from the GSM Association about what will be the focus of the industry's network transformation from 2023 onwards, the most common response from operators wa...
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Maniron Showcases Innovative Products and Technologies at ATXSG2024 Communications Expo
15 Jun.2024
Maniron Showcases Innovative Products and Technologies at ATXSG2024 Communications Expo
5.29-5.31.2024, Maniron participated in the communication exhibition ATXSG2024 in Singapore. The ATXSG2024 communication exhibition provides a valuable platform for companies in the communication industry to present their latest products and technological achievements, and Maniron, as one of the key...
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Maniron wish you all a happy Dragon Boat Festival
08 Jun.2024
Maniron wish you all a happy Dragon Boat Festival
Chinese Traditional Festival,Dragon Boat Festival is coming. Maniron brings our team members warm presents. In this Festival full of traditional charm,may we join hands in inheritance and innovation to create a more brilliant tommorrow.I wish you a safe and healthy Dragon Boat Festival and all the b...
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Maniron at MWC2024, Completed a Nice Show
23 Mar.2024
Maniron at MWC2024, Completed a Nice Show
Maniron successfully attended MWC2024 in Bacelona from Feb 26-29,2024. It's a nice show for Maniron.We met a lot of old friends and make more new friends who from all over the world. Maniron brought many new styles and heated 5G rf products.Frequency from VHF up to 6000MHz. Thanks for everyone who s...
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Foreign customers visit our company to deepen international cooperation
16 Jan.2024
Foreign customers visit our company to deepen international cooperation
Today, we are honoured to welcome a distinguished customer from Germany, whose arrival further proves our company's popularity and influence in the international market. As a leading company in communication technology innovation and quality excellence, we have always been committed to building stro...
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Maniron Presents Innovative Products at PMRExpo 2023, the Wireless Communications Technology Exhibition in Cologne, Germany
02 Dec.2023
Maniron Presents Innovative Products at PMRExpo 2023, the Wireless Communications Technology Exhibition in Cologne, Germany
Maniron Presents Innovative Products at PMRExpo 2023, the Wireless Communications Technology Exhibition From November 28 to 30, 2023, PMRExpo will be held at Koelnmesse GmbH, Messeplatz 1, 50679 Koln-International Exhibition Center in Cologne, Germany. Organized by Bundesverband Professioneller Mobi...
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Critical Communication Coverage System
18 Nov.2023
Critical Communication Coverage System
RF (Radio Frequency) products refer to devices and equipment that operate using radio waves for communication, wireless connectivity, and transmission of data or signals. These products are used in various industries, including telecommunications, broadcasting, aerospace, defense, healthcare, automo...
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Thrives at European Microwave Week, Expands Customer Base, 2023
22 Sep.2023
Thrives at European Microwave Week, Expands Customer Base, 2023
During the event, LuXun Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. had the pleasure of engaging with esteemed clients such as Quantic PMI. One of the highlights was Quantic PMI’s profound interest in our high-frequency, high-power attenuators, circulators, and isolators. This reaffirms the quality and innovat...
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