• Beautiful Ultra-thin ceiling antenna
    2021-11-19 Beautiful Ultra-thin ceiling antenna
    Ultra-thin ceiling antenna is highly favored by many customers. Beautiful,Compact, light-wight and easy installation. It transmits and receives the signal in a 360-degree pattern. The ultra-thin ceiling antennas feature 600 MHz to 6 GHz operation, with -150 or -153 dBc PIM rating. Such as 698-3800MH...
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  •  What’s the Difference Between MIMO and SISO Antenna?
    2021-11-08 What’s the Difference Between MIMO and SISO Antenna?
    In RF engineering, when discussing antennas, SISO and MIMO now apply to the number of antenna "inputs" and antenna "outputs" that a communication channel between two or more devices may have. In this case, the SISO RF system will have only a single antenna from one device and a single antenna from a...
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  • Golden Autumn October
    2021-10-23 Golden Autumn October
    In this golden autumn october , it is a good season for our business as past years . Our RF passive products for 5G is very popular in our clients' market . Frequency 380-3800MHz, 698-4000MHz, 600-6000MHz Power splitters, directional couplers , combiners ,power tappers, antennas ... If any products ...
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  • Happy 72nd Birthday to China
    2021-10-01 Happy 72nd Birthday to China
    This year marks the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, a National Day as the Chinese people celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.This is an important historical node, before today, is a magnificent history;After today, there...
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  • Hefei Xinqiao International Airport has Launched Regular Cargo Flights to Europe
    2021-09-18 Hefei Xinqiao International Airport has Launched Regular Cargo Flights to Europe
    Hefei xinqiao airport attaches great importance to the opening of international flights and epidemic prevention and control security work During the routes open to airport according to the particularity of international cargo flights transportation security and civil aviation administration accordin...
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  • Good job in epidemic prevention and safe production
    2021-09-04 Good job in epidemic prevention and safe production
    All of us have been vaccinated against the Covid-19 so far . At the same time, every day we go to work and enter the factory park, we must scan the health code and measure our body temperature. The factory is disinfected and cleaned regularly every day. As a manufacturer with operations all over the...
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  • 5G in The 2021 Tokyo Olympics
    2021-08-07 5G in The 2021 Tokyo Olympics
    The Olympics have long been described as a "technology accelerator" that pushes the adoption of the latest technologies more widely. The Tokyo Olympics is the first Olympic Games to be held since the commercialization of 5G worldwide. 5G has also been widely used in the Olympics, but due to the huge...
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  • Contract Signed Successfully
    2021-07-23 Contract Signed Successfully
    On 20th July  , we signed a contract with our client successfully . We supported our client directly winning the tender from their Operator .  This tender includes 4 years' RF passive components purchasing in the future .   The components includes Combiners, Power split...
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  • Delivery
    2021-07-09 Delivery
    Today is the delivery day for a customer.Thank you for your trust and long-term cooperation. It has been more than two years since we started our cooperation with the first order, during which we have cooperated many times.We are very glad that the customer is very satisfied with our products and th...
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  • New Company,New Start
    2021-06-26 New Company,New Start
    Maniron Acquired Haike Industry Company in 2019.Nowadays,we are moving to the new area for working. Every workers are putting their efforts into moving.Lots of goods are carrying by ourselves.The new production line will be prepared well soon. There is good environment in our new working office.Let ...
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