• Happy shipment day today
    2021-04-16 Happy shipment day today
    Thanks for my lovely colleagues support . Today I delivered the RF power splitter, directionla coupler , hybrid combiners, combiners, filters my Russian clients ordered . These products will be directly used  in local operator MTS, Vimpelcom and Tele2 projects. Hope they can receive t...
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  • A corner of production line
    2021-04-01 A corner of production line
    Maniron company has been around for more than 18 years, and the company has trained many technicians.Most technicians are trained internally.We now have more than 30 technicians , thus ensuring our faster delivery time. The girl has been in this position for more than 4 years.She gradually developed...
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  • What is the future development of video advertising: 5G, Omni-channel, Security is the key Point!
    2021-03-27 What is the future development of video advertising: 5G, Omni-channel, Security is the key Point!
    Joshua Oshu Kwon, chief strategy officer at South Korea-based lock-screen media platform Buzzvil, identifies four new trends for the future of video advertising as below:   1. 5G will boost video advertising   5G could indeed speed up the functioning of advertising technology sys...
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  • 5G New Products
    2021-03-13 5G New Products
    5G is all set and ready to transform industries and society as we know them. Evolving networks to cater for everything from smartphones to robots on factory floors requires high-performing, highly reliable connectivity. Many enterprises have built  flexible 5G plat...
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  • 2020 Annual Meeting
    2021-02-25 2020 Annual Meeting
    Hefei Maniron Electronic and Technology Co., Ltd.(established in 2002) is a leading manufacture of RF Passive Components,which collects together research and development(R&D), production and sale.Our products cover 698-2700MHz power splitter,698-3800MHz power splitter and 5G passive products etc...
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  • RF Combiner
    2021-01-16 RF Combiner
    An RF combiner from Maniron is used to combine RF from a number of different sources. RF combiners can be used in a myriad of different applications to accomplish a variety of outcomes. With such a broad range of usefulness, it can become a daunting task when it comes to choosing the right RF combin...
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  • What Is Passive DAS?
    2020-12-05 What Is Passive DAS?
    Passive Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) amplify signal from a "donor" location–usually on the roof of the building–and rebroadcast the signal inside the building. The donor signal is amplified by a bi-directional repeater, which is connected to a network of passive components, including coaxial ca...
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  • Passive Intermodulation (PIM): What You Need To Know
    2020-10-31 Passive Intermodulation (PIM): What You Need To Know
    Q: What is passive intermodulation (PIM)? A: PIM is the generation of interfering signals caused by nonlinearities in the mechanical components of a wireless system. Two signals mix together (amplitude modulation) to produce sum and difference signals and products within the same band, causing inter...
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  • Low PIM Dummy Load
    2020-10-16 Low PIM Dummy Load
    What is a Low PIM Dummy Load A Dummy Load is a device used to simulate an electrical load during testing. In an RF System a dummy load is used to simulate an antenna. By using a dummy load instead of an actual antenna, the transceiver can be tested and configured without radiating radio waves. The D...
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  • Company Travel in 2019 Year
    2019-08-21 Company Travel in 2019 Year
    At the end of the summer holiday , our company held our annual travel . Each of our member could join this activity together with our children and families. On 21st August, we got together at 6:00 am in the front of our company gate.All of our partners are full of excitement and passion . This time ...
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