• How does a combiner work?
    2022-09-24 How does a combiner work?
    Simply put, a combining system places multiple transmit (Tx) and receive (Rx) signals onto a single common port. Within a combining system, a Tx combiner gathers all transmit signals together onto a single output port whilst a Receive Multicoupler will take incoming signals and split them to feed mu...
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  • Administrative staff down to the factory
    2022-08-30 Administrative staff down to the factory
    Our company got a huge order in a big project bidding . Components in the order including Power splitter, hybrid couplers , power tappers, mostly Combiners... There would be a deadline for the delivery , all of our staffs in the office came to factory and helped the production . Finally , we finishe...
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  • Public Safety DAS
    2022-07-25 Public Safety DAS
    The Public Safety Distributed Antenna System (DAS), also known as the Emergency Response Radio Coverage System (ERRCS), includes any system that provides wireless services through the antenna system, especially for buildings, to ensure that emergency responders can maintain wireless communication wi...
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  • Father's Day
    2022-06-19 Father's Day
    Father's Day, as the name implies, is a Thanksgiving Day for fathers.About the beginning of the 20th century, originated in the United States, has been widely spread around the world, festival dates vary because of the region. The first Father's Day was started by Mrs. Dodd, who lives in Spokane, Wa...
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  • How 5G uses RF?
    2022-06-08 How 5G uses RF?
    Wireless 5G-enabled devices connect to the internet and telephone networks using radio waves that go through a nearby antenna.As the upcoming iteration of wireless broadband network technology, 5G provides peak speeds as high as 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) for downloads.5G can operate on low frequ...
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  • What is RF Combiner?
    2022-06-01 What is RF Combiner?
    What is RF Combiner? RF combiners and dividers, also known as combiners and splitters, are multi-port devices and modules that combine or split RF signals between a single port and the other ports. These include Wilkinson splitter/combiners and so on. RF combiners are devices that com...
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  • What does an RF Coupler do?
    2022-05-21 What does an RF Coupler do?
    RF directional couplers are electronic items that couple a defined amount of the electromagnetic power in a transmission line to a port enabling the signal to be used in another circuit. One key feature of directional couplers is that they only couple power flowing in one direction. Maniron develops...
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  • How do i combine 2 RF Signals
    2022-04-02 How do i combine 2 RF Signals
    A diplexer is a device that combines radio frequency inputs from two or more radio transmitters into a single output, or, when used in the opposite direction, divides a single RF input into two or more outputs based on frequency. Depending on how it is used, a diplexer may be called a combiner or sp...
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  • Diplexer vs Duplexer. What is the difference?
    2021-03-19 Diplexer vs Duplexer. What is the difference?
    Diplexer vs Duplexer. What is the difference? A diplexer is a passive device that combines two inputs into a common output. The signals on inputs 1 and 2 occupy different frequency bands. Consequently, the signals on inputs 1 and 2 can coexist on the output without interfering with each other. It is...
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  • 5G Technology helps the Beijing Winter Olympics shine with wisdom
    2022-02-19 5G Technology helps the Beijing Winter Olympics shine with wisdom
    As the first 5g signal for the whole winter Olympics, both in Beijing and hebei zhangjiakou three division 87 venues and connected to the road to achieve full coverage of the venue 5 g network, is for the organisers, athletes, media, television broadcasters, the audience to build the "wisdom program...
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