Radio and Television anti-5G interference solution 2020/12/15

Radio and Television anti-5G interference solution

The 3-5G of 5G will cause serious interference to the reception of c-band (mainly 3.7-4.2g) broadcast and TV satellites.According to the equipment composition of the satellite receiving system, the equipment used at the present stage (common C band LNB operating band 3400MHz -- 4200MHz) and the frequency range used by 5G base station (3400MHz -- 3600MHz);At the same time, according to the ITU-R S.2199-0 report, when the total power of the interference signal entering the satellite receiving station exceeds -60dbm, the low noise frequency conversion amplifier (hereinafter referred to as LNB) will produce saturation interference.

In combination with the acquisition of field test signals and the analysis and test in the later laboratory, another possible reason is that the power of the L-band 5G signal after frequency conversion reaches the receiver is too high.When 5Gjamming signals enter the LNB power close to 60 DBM, L spectrum of the output signal power can reach 0 DBM, based on broadcasting and television industry standard GY/T148-2000 satellite digital TV receiver technology requirements, suitable input level range of satellite receiver is: - 65 ~ - 30 DBM, high input level may lead to the next level of satellite receiver to produce saturated interference or obstruction.

Analysis on factors of 5G Broadcast interference

Deal with 5G interference solution:

C band radio and television satellite receiving facilities to 5G interference with comprehensive response method, namely to reduce the power 5G signal into the satellite receiving facilities does not exceed 60 DBM, at the same time, through technical modification will impact on the quality of the original satellite signal reduced to the minimum current can adopt the following several ways to reduce interference from 5G base stations: in general:

(1) adding C band filter-5G rf filter

Adding C band interference filter is still not enough to cope with 5G, can consider the following scenario: according to the 5G interference situation.

(2) (optional) lower 5G base station transmission power adjustment system under the maximum radiation direction or Angle (0 to 8 db will increase isolation ratio) to replace 5G base station location, etc.

(3) (optional) on the basis of adding C band filter, replace with low noise filtering ability (frequency) amplifier (LNA/B)

(4) (optional) equipped with shielding net (can increase the isolation of 8-12 db);

(5)(Optional) Replace the satellite antenna with good sidelobe characteristics or adjust the position of the satellite receiving point;

(6)(optional under special circumstances): Add an L-band filter (the isolation degree above 30dB can be increased, but the signal attenuation above 3dB May be generated);At present, the experimental reconstruction test of the satellite receiving station organized by the National Radio Monitoring Center and the test conducted by the Institute of Broadcasting and Television Planning show that it is an effective and simple way to deal with interference to install a filter in the C-band radio and television satellite receiving facility working at 3700-4200MHz

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