A corner of production line 2021-04-01

Maniron company has been around for more than 18 years, and the company has trained many technicians.Most technicians are trained internally.We now have more than 30 technicians , thus ensuring our faster delivery time.

The girl has been in this position for more than 4 years.She gradually developed into a professional debugger.She was proud of it, and she loved it.She says the products she can now tune include 698-3800MHz power splitters, 600-6000MHz directional couplers, combiners, dummy loads, attenuators, and so on.Now her products are all over the world.

Now she is tuning a customized rf filter.813.5-819.2&798.5-806&839.5-960MHz 800MHz rf bandpass filter is widely used in public safety and private networks.These are her outstanding works.

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