What is the future development of video advertising: 5G, Omni-channel, Security is the key Point! 2021-03-27

Joshua Oshu Kwon, chief strategy officer at South Korea-based lock-screen media platform Buzzvil, identifies four new trends for the future of video advertising as below:


1. 5G will boost video advertising


5G could indeed speed up the functioning of advertising technology systems and allow users to search the Internet for content faster."By this year (2019), 400,000 users will have access to the 5G network, and this number is expected to increase to 1.4 million by 2024," Kwon quoted the report as saying.


2. Omni-channel will increase video advertising


Citing his experience with Buzzvi, Kwon said that if a TV commercial wanted to display ads on its platform and also sell the product on TV, "they could have a spike in sales based on those two kinds of video ads."

In fact, Mary Meeker's 2019 Internet Trends Report shows that 88 percent of users use an assistive device to search for what they want to see and talk about while watching TV. "Marketers have to promote products simultaneously on phones, computers, TVs, tablets and other IoT devices," Kwon said. "They have to integrate all the data to take the necessary actions.


3. Users begin to actively manage how and where their personal data is used

"The e-commerce industry must ensure the security and transparency of customer data," Kwon said, citing data regulations such as GDPR and similar data privacy regulations adopted in Europe, Asia, the Americas and other countries.

"More and more users are sensitive to how and where their data is used by the AD technology industry and are therefore concerned about privacy issues," he said."This trend is largely driven by the needs of users to manage their data, and publishers and advertisers are advised to take a closer look at this new trend."


4. The industry should provide a better advertising experience


Kwon insists that this will weed out mediocre advertising."Pure ads that provide a better user experience not only work well, but as advertising technology evolves, they will be the only option for publishers in the future," he said.In the future, users will welcome this change and continue to step up the fight against poor quality ads."


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