EUMW 2023 to open in Berlin in September!!! 2023-08-04

The 26th European Microwave Week (EUMW 2023) will open in Berlin in September!!!

EUMW 2023 also includes the Defence, Security and Space Forum, the Automotive Forum, the 5G/6G Industrial Radio Forum and the Microwave Industry Supplier Show.

The annual Microwave Europe exhibition, by far the largest RF and microwave industry show in Europe, will be held in conjunction with the conference. The exhibition also includes a series of technical seminars and exhibitor workshops on microwave products and manufacturing processes.

EUMW2023 Maniron Exhibition: 554B

Exhibition Hours:Tuesday 19th September 9:30 ~18:00

Wednesday 20th September 9:30 ~17:30
Thursday 21st September 9:30~16:30

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