Thrives at European Microwave Week, Expands Customer Base, 2023 2023-09-22

LuXun Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., a leading company based in Anhui, China, achieved great success at the European Microwave Week held in Germany from September 18th to September 22nd. The company’s exceptional sales manager, Sophie Chen, played a vital role in expanding our reach in the passive components industry by attracting new clients and reconnecting with existing ones.

During the event, LuXun Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. had the pleasure of engaging with esteemed clients such as Quantic PMI. One of the highlights was Quantic PMI’s profound interest in our high-frequency, high-power attenuators, circulators, and isolators. This reaffirms the quality and innovation of our products in the market.

The successful participation in the European Microwave Week not only broadened our customer base but also enhanced our company’s reputation on the international stage. LuXun Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions in the field of passive components, and we look forward to continued growth and success in the future.

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