Beautiful Ultra-thin ceiling antenna 2021-11-19
Ultra-thin ceiling antenna is highly favored by many customers. Beautiful,Compact, light-wight and easy installation. It transmits and receives the signal in a 360-degree pattern. The ultra-thin ceiling antennas feature 600 MHz to 6 GHz operation, with -150 or -153 dBc PIM rating. Such as 698-3800MHz Ultra-thin ceiling antenna for 5G.Typically used in indoor distribution of 2G/3G/4G/5G wireless service in all standardized frequency bands. Including SISO omni antennas and MIMO antennas.
1. Coverage from 350MHz to 6000MHz,350-2700MHz Ultra-thin ceiling antenna
2. Low VSWR and high performance
3. Connector can be customized
4. The thinnest is 8mm

5. Compact, light-weight and easy installation

6.High Gain

7.Low PIM -153dBc@2*43dBm

698-3800MHz Ultra-thin ceiling antenna

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