Father's Day 2022-06-19

Father's Day, as the name implies, is a Thanksgiving Day for fathers.About the beginning of the 20th century, originated in the United States, has been widely spread around the world, festival dates vary because of the region.

The first Father's Day was started by Mrs. Dodd, who lives in Spokane, Washington.Mrs. Dodd's mother died in childbirth while giving birth to her sixth child.

Mrs. Dodd's father, William Smart, a Civil War veteran, was left to raise and educate his six children on a rural farm after his wife died

After decades of hard work, his children finally grew up, but Mr. Smart died of overwork in 1909.

Mrs. Dodd missed her father so much that, with the support of church organizations, she wrote letters to the mayor and state government suggesting that June 5, her father's birthday, be celebrated as Father's Day.

The mayor of Spokane and the governor of Washington state publicly endorsed the idea, and when the state government adopted it, it moved the holiday to the third Sunday in June. In 1910, Spokane held its first Father's Day celebration.Later, Father's Day became an important festival that influenced the whole world

The most widely used date is the third Sunday in June every year. Fifty-two countries and regions in the world celebrate Father's Day on this day.

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