RF 380-5850MHz Low PIM -161dBc N Type RF Power Tapper

380-5850MHz RF Power Tapper is in low PIM -161dB,which has wide frequency band for 5G Commnuication
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300-5850MHzRF Power Tapper with N-Female

RF Power Tapper is in Low PIM -161dBc,with Low VSWR and Low Insertion Loss

RF Tapperis widely used for Distributed Antenna System and In-building Solutions,it is waterproof IP65.

Technical &Mechanical Specifications

380-960 MHz & 1710-2700 MHz& 3400-3800 MHz& 5100-5850 MHz

Coupling Values(dB)











4.8 dB±1.3 dB


6.8 dB±1.2 dB

8.0 dB±1.2 dB

10.2 dB±1.3 dB

13.2 dB±1.4 dB

15.1 dB±1.5dB

20.1 dB±1.5 dB

30.1 dB±1.5 dB

Coupled loss
2.1 dB
1.0 dB
Splitting ratio
1:0.33 :
1:0.25 :
1: 0.2 :
1:0.16 :
1 : 0.1
: 0.9
1: 0.05
: 0.95
1: 0.03
: 0.97
1: 0.01
: 0.99
1: 0.01
: 0.99
Input VSWR max
≤ -161dBc @ 700-2700MHz

Average Power(W)
4.3-10 Female


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Maniron's RF Terminations are offered with various power,frequency range
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200W 400-430MHz Directional Coupler low insertion Loss with NF connector,apply for indoor use,good look and high quality are worth to be put to use!
Low VSWR & Insertion Loss Directional Coupler
Bi-Directional Coupler 1-2GHz,50W, SMA connector
RF Directional Coupler covers wide frequency band from 1-2GHz,which has different coupling like 10dB 30dB 40dB,it is Low VSWR & Insertion Loss,High Isolation.
3way Power Splitter
600-6000MHz 3way Power Splitter with Bracket
600-6000MHz 3way Power Splitter is widely used in DAS/IBS 5G with high power and low PIM.
200W Low PIM -160dBc 4 In 4 Out Hybrid Coupler
Maniron 698-2700MHz 200W IBS Hybrid Combiner 4 In 4 Out
4 in 4 out Hybrid Coupler/Combiner with 4.3-10-female Connector which covers frequency from 698 to 2700MHz
758-775MHz High Rejection RF Filter
RF 700MHz 758-775MHz Upper C Band Rejection Filter
The Filter with Frequency 758 to 775 MHz, Insertion Loss 4.5 dB, Rejection 85 dB, Power 50 W, with N-Female Connector
380-2700MHz 2 3 4way power divider
Wideband 380-2700MHz N Type Cavity Power Splitter
Wideband 2Way/3Way/4Way 380-2700MHz N F Type Cavity Power Splitter/Divider with Low PIM-160dBc,Low Insertion loss,Low VSWR,Low PIM value
VHF UHF Antenna
VHF UHF Antenna 470-512MHz RF Antenna for Wireless Communication
UHF antenna is a device for recieving and sending RFID signals. It is widely used in occasions that require long distance indentifying and high motion speed tracking.
Omni Ceiling Antenna
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UHF 400-430MHz Directional Coupler
UHF 400-430MHz Directional Coupler with N type customized
UHF Directional Coupler covers wide frequency band from 400-430MHz,which has different coupling like 6dB 10dB 15dB 20dB
DC-3GHz 10W RF Attenuator
DC-3GHz 10W 3dB RF Attenuator With N Connector Type
DC-3GHz 10W RF Attenuator is Low Attenuation Accuracy and Widely used in 2G/3G/4G/LTE Coverage.
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DC-3GHz RF Termination is in high quality and durable life.
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Low PIM 698-2700MHz directional coupler 4.3-10 type
698-2700MHz Directional coupler , 3dB/6dB/8dB/10dB/15dB/20dB/30dB, Low PIM, Low VSWR, Low Insertion loss
F-female 698-2700 MHz 4 Way Power Splitter
F-Female Connector 698-2700MHz 4 Way Low VSWR RF Power Splitter Divider
4 Way Power Splitter Divider has wide frequency band ranged from 698MHz to 2700MHz.It is F-Female Connector Power Splitter.
omni ceiling antenna
RF wifi 350-2700MHz ultra thin Omni Ceiling Antenna High Gain
350-2700MHz Low PIM -140dBc Ultra thin Omni Antenna
5-6GHz RF Coaxial Isolator
5-6GHz 10W RF Coaxial Isolator with SMA connector
5-6GHz RF Coaxial Isolator is high isolation and high frequency band.
Low PIM  617-4200MHz RF Directional Coupler
Low PIM 5-30dB rf Directional Coupler with 4310 connector
Directional Coupler with Frequency 617-4200MHz,coupling 5/6/7/8/10/15/20/30dB,low PIM -161dBc,low VSWR,high Isolation.
698-2700MHz  hybrid coupler 3 in 1 out
698-2700MHz 3*1 Hybrid Combiner Hybrid coupler N female Low PIM -150dBc Indoor
698-2700MHz 3*1 Hybrid Combiner   N female  Low PIM -150dBc Indoor

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